Warranty & Services

Data Center

To provide a data center standard cabling that support and protects critical computing infrastructure from risks associated with loss of power, fire or human errors.

Hardware Sales

Gabani ICT hardware department is proud to provide any computer related hardware or peripheral. Starting from Desktops, workstations, peripherals, pc and office computing accessories, notebooks, and network components are amongst our leading hardware offers.

TV Network Systems

Gabani ICT Offer range of products, a solution to all reception and distribution problems concerning TV signals.

LAN & WAN Newtworking

Gabani ICT provides integrated, complete solutions of reliability and performance for both local and wide area networks. We tailor your needs with the best technologies available on the market to meet your corporate needs and guarantee both cost effectiveness and

Conference Systems

Gabani ICT Provides a range of complementary conference services that include maintenance agreements, meeting support and Digital recording solutions. These services are designed to fulfill an increasing demand for more sophisticated, feature rich Conference facilities.


We know your environment! How valuable and what risks you may be exposed to. Our security department will design the best combination that just fits your budget without compromising your security.


1. General Terms and Conditions :

1.The guarantee applies when the warranty card is completed correctly and submits proof of purchase that consists of the original invoice or sales receipt that shows the date of purchase and the name of the distributor. Gabani reserves the right to refuse the guarantee if this information is deleted or changed after purchase by the customer.
2. Gabani Company’s obligations are limited to repairing the defect or replacing the defective part itself as it finds fit (according to the company’s policy).

3. Repairs must be made under warranty by the Gabani Maintenance Center. The warranty coverage is canceled if there is an attempt to repair by an unauthorized service center. Gabani is not responsible for any compensation, claims or damages that may result from any unauthorized repair of the product.
4. Repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not grant the right to extend or renew the warranty period.
5. The warranty does not apply to any cases other than defects in materials, design and workmanship.

2. The Warranty Covers :

1. Misuse or misuse, including but not limited to:
2. Failure to use this product for its regular purposes or in accordance with the product’s usage guidelines.
3. Product damage due to improper installation or use in a manner inconsistent with the technical instructions, standards, or safety standards described in the user guide for.
4. Accidents, natural disasters, lightning, water, fire, general disturbances, improper ventilation, voltage fluctuations, or any other causes outside.
5. The warranty does not cover malfunctions caused by viruses.
6. The occurrence of a breakage or the appearance of tampering with seals and warranty stickers on the equipment purchased from the Gabani company.

3. The warranty is not transferable :

This guarantee is the only and exclusive compensation to buyers and the Gabani Company or any of the service centers listed in this warranty document does not bear responsibility for any incidental, express or implied damages of this product. Disclaimer: The Gabani Company is not responsible for the loss of any data stored / stored in the products that are being repaired or replaced.
The above mentioned policies are for warranty service and the customer is responsible for any costs related to cases not covered by the warranty.
Gabani reserves the right to make final decisions regarding the identification of the problem and the appropriate service option.

4. Maintenance stages :

If a problem occurs in any product, it will go through as our warranty mechanism has, and it is made up of three stages:
1. The first stage: The Maintenance phase and the attempt to repair the defect within the company. If it succeeds, the problem is finally resolved, within a maximum period of 48 hours after receipt. If it fails, we will enter the second stage.
2. The second stage: Sending the agency to the agent outside Sudan with the Gabani company bearing all the costs, and this stage will be completed within a maximum period of 30 days from the approval of the customer.
3. The third stage: product replacement in case the maintenance process fails in the previous two phases.

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